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In Simple Language As soon as the water pass through the device or softener, a certain in type of electro-magnetic field in developed in the machine and as a result of that two types of processes are done.

2) Transforming Process : This process is very important in water. When minerals are being broken down and converted in to small and tiny particles, because of that nature of water molecules to travel together and sticking to each other or developing cluster are being ruined and transformed in to 100% non-sticking nature. Like that they cannot travel together or develop any cluster or layer in to water. Nature of water is changed. So with the help of join process of this device hard water is turned into "Best Solvent" compared to non - treated water. This is the only technology which does not remove useful and essential minerals/nutrient ions from water, but treat them and make them more bion-available.

1) Breaking Process : During this process high mineral clusters of any size are being broken down into small and tiny particles and scattered. E.g . If any of the mineral ion in the water is in size of 40 micron, then it will be broken down and converted into 10 tiny parts of 4 micron and making them more bion-available.

Effects of Hard Water

When plants & crops is watered with Hard Water then white Coating layer is formed on the roots of the plants /crops and cell membranes dead upto 80%.As result of this plants / crops starts to suffocate as well as decrease in total plants growth and low yield per acre.

Agriculture Sector

In domestics segments, hardwater is often indicated by a lack of suds formation whens oapisagitated in water, and by the formation of lime scale in kettles, tiles floor and water heaters. Cloths does not come out cleaner and brighter and feel hard to touch.

Domestic Sector

Hardpose serious problems in industrial settings, where water hardness is monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in boilers, cooling towers, any part of your physical plant, and other equipment that handles water or industrial operations.

Industrial Sector