Automatically starts the motor whenever electricity comes/get available if putted in auto mode.

Switch Off the motor in case of Phase Reverse, Phase Fault , Dry Run, Overload or any technical fault shows voltage, Current on Display.

Run timer , Dry Run Timer , Cyclic timer facility automatically switches on the motor after set time after dry run.

Technical Specification

Sr.No. Model Suitable for
1 Operating Voltage Range 180VAC to 470VAC (between Red and Blue wires)
2 Power Consumption 8 Watt
3 Motor Current (Max) 30A (Model With 60A and 100A also available) GSM 2G
4 GSM Antenna 3dB Gain 3 Meter Cable Magnetic antenna)
5 SIM Card Type Micro SIM


  • On-off your motor from your mobile without any expense.(miss call)
  • The suitable on-off time delays of the motor.
  • know Motor status on your mobile.
  • No extra mobile requirement.
  • Applicable to any HP Motor.
  • Auto Start on healthy supply
  • Adjustable
  • LED indication of each fault Auto pump protection setting
  • Digital display with user friendly keys
  • True RMS voltage and current measurement
  • Inbuilt water level Controller (Optional)
  • Pump ON timer