Solar Zatka Machine

Zatka Machine that find its applications in farms, industry, residence, temples, business parks, banks and many more. The offered zatka machine is manufactured with the help of high grade industrial components and advanced technology, under the direction of experts. Our zatka machine is energy saving items and is highly appreciated for their attributes such as high tensile strength, durability, easy usage smooth working.



Solar Zatka Machine

Solar zatka machine is designed in compact, easy to install and use designs with modern structure. It is widely used in forest areas, zoo, farms, villas, bungalows and other places to provide complete safety and security. This is available with Automatic On and OFF button to ensure no worry of switching it on and off again and again. This comes with fence wire shot or break alarm system for keeping the place safe without any damage. With high-end battery, it ensures easy and auto-charging by just connecting it to solar power system. In addition to this, its digital screen enables users to set the voltage with ease.

  • Intent Solar Fence Controller and huge voltage pulls on fence and animals get shock that's why animals afraid of it and keep them salver away.
  • Intent solar fence controller is installed and certified by government on 302/2-76 standard.
  • Intent solar fence controller is working base on latest MPPT technology and that's why battery can charge in dim sunlight. It has facility of power cut when low voltage and battery is full it is full it is help to long life of Battery.
  • In the situation of touching of animals touching of long grass on or in the case of damage fencing alarm system will be activate.
  • Alarm system can be programmed according to weather and necessity .
  • Intent Solar fence controller has an automatic manual function also available.
  • Expert's advice and service will be provide by company also giving surety of 100% result of products.


  • Battery Operated Device
  • Automatic Charging By Solar Panels
  • No Required Extra Electric Supply
  • Adjustable Output Supply
  • Pulsed Output
  • For Better Performance
  • Loud Buzzer Output
  • No Harmful
  • Auto Output Power Cut off
  • High Glow LED Lighting
  • Over Battery Indication
  • Portable, Efficient And Reliable Device