Solar Insect Trap

Intent's Solar insect trap is the most effective pest management tool in the hands of the modern, knowledgeable, progressive farmer today. It uses no electricity and no pesticides or chemicals, very easy to install (the farmer can do it himself), needs no maintenance, is fully automatic – switches on by itself when it is dark, switches off after 3-4 hours and is absolutely safe to handle. It is very effective against all kinds of flying nocturnal insects – big or small and specially the harmful pests that are known to be very active during night time. Its Ultra violet light attracts insects from far, but is not useful as a domestic lamp and so is theft proof.

How does it Works :

Intent insect Trap Is One Of The Very Effective Tools Of Insect Pest Management In Organic Agriculture. Intent insect Trap Both The Sexes Of Insect Pests And Also Substantially Reduces The Carry Over Pest Pollution. The most popular theories holds that positively photo tactic insects are drawn to lights because they act like a navigational guide. Many insects find their way by keeping a natural light source, such as the Sun or the Moon, at a constant angle. Using the same principle we designed a special light with a frequency that attracts more than 1800 different flying insects. With the use of Solar PV panel to charge the battery inside The king catcher, a high tech electronic circuit is used for functioning of the system.

Positioning & Installation:

The solar insect trap is to be positioned in the right angle in relation to the movement of the Sun during day time, in the south east direction as shown in the adjacent schematic diagram. Ensure that no shade of trees or other tall objects or things obstruct the incidence of sun rays onto the panel, so that maximum amount of sun light is absorbed by the solar panel of the trap, to enable the battery store maximum possible amount of power, so that the trap works for a long time during the night.